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Real Estate Marketing Tips: 4 of 4

Posted March 8, 2016
Time for a spectacular finish to your monthly marketing goals. Go big this week and make your marketing happen, because the spring selling season is right around the corner and you want your audience engaged and eagerly awaiting your next outreach.  Need coaching to accomplish a goal?  No problem.  Just email support@easyemerge.com to set up a time with one of our marketing coaches. 

 If you missed it, check out Tips #1, #2, and #3 here! 


Send a Spring or seasonal message.  Holidays and other special occasions (like the Spring Equinox) are a great time to send a personal email about what the occasion means to you.  Skip any 'sales talk' and just send a greeting wishing people a 'happy first day of spring' with some fun faq's, gardening tips or local happenings.  Be the friendly, local expert and use an eMerge themed template to make your email gorgeous.
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Invite your contacts to connect.  This is an obvious one but so many people fail to do so....reach out to your email list, your local network, your friends and family and ask them to 'like' or connect with you on Facebook.  This cross marketing gives you another way to build your fan following and share valuable, engaging content with your audience in a forum different than where you currently engage them.
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Go for 100%.  Don't allow any part of your LinkedIn profile to be incomplete.  Go for a 100% completion, including personal notations about your education, civic and community involvement, professional skills, etc...  Then be sure to ask for professional referrals and endorsements.  LinkedIn makes it easy to do so and people will happily promote you if you ask.
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Transparency lends credibility.  If you mess up, admit it.  If you don't know the answer, admit it.  If you're inexperienced, admit it.  No one's perfect and it's ok to let your audience know your not either.  Being open and honest builds you and your company's credibility.  Just go for it.  Your audience is waiting.
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Single out customers.  Everyone loves to feel special.  Create a fun, creative video showcasing your clients (ie.  happy new home owners, a repeat customer to your store, etc...) and feature them on your YouTube channel.  There's nothing more genuine than showcasing your products and services through happy customers....and your audience will love it.
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